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Jessica Alba allows video cameras inside her business.

Jessica Alba’s is an American actress and author with starring roles in both film and television. She’s also a business owner.

Ms. Alba’s company is The Honest Company, a company that offers home, health & beauty, and fashion products that are ecologically friendly and healthful.

Ms. Alba is candid about her company’s dedication to sustainability and health. She and her business partner appear in an episode of Years of Living Dangerously, a television mini series about environmental challenges. Ms. Alba invites sustainability experts to walk through her business operations center and offer improvement suggestions.

The trailer for the episode in which Ms. Alba appears offers a unique insight into her company headquarters. The video allows for a rare glimpse inside the workings of a real business operated by a celebrity on a mission to improve her world.


May 15 & 16 from Washington, D.C., more National Small Business Week Events


Big name speakers, interesting small business topics, and the price is right. That’s exactly… FREE!

Click here to watch Samuel Adams founder and brewer Jim Koch and Papa John’s founder and Chairman speak. If you time it right, you’ll be able to see Janet Yellen, the U.S. Federal Reserve Chair address the audience.

You’re awfully smart to be listening to these fine speakers and not spending a moment driving or flying to the conference!


Another amazing day of small business information from Small Business Week 2014


Today’s conference is in Boston, MA. But that doesn’t matter to you, because you can attend from the comfort of your desktop, for FREE!

Yesterday’s broadcast included an interview and Q&A session with the founder of H & R Block Income Tax preparation business, Henry W. Bloch live on stage with his son Tom Bloch, former H & R Block CEO.

Former NFL wide receiver and motivational speaker Eddie Kennison spoke today as well. He is an entrepreneur and philanthropist.

The SBA Administrator Maria Contreras-Sweet mentioned the three focus points of the SBA: Capital, Counseling, and Contracts. Their initiatives include how to become bankable as a business, various points throughout America to receive business counseling and advice, and how to get your business approved to get contracts from the U.S. Government which is a major source of financial impact in the U.S. economy.

Join today’s events live cast by clicking this link.




More web presentations today!


National Small Business Week is in full swing again today. This time from Kansas City, Missouri. Learn more about operating a business at exactly… NO CHARGE! Compliments of our own Federal Government.


Join the U.S. Small Business Association presentations throughout the day. Click here to see the presentations live on your desktop.


U.S. Small Business Association – Free Web Presentation Today!


Today! Attend a free small business informational web presentation. The U.S. Small Business Association is celebrating Small Business Week 2014 with meetings in different cities each day this week. SBA_logo

Attend the presentations from your desktop or mobile device.

Today’s webinar starts at 11:40 a.m. EDT and is a live broadcast from San Francisco.

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How a franchised restaurant chain uses social media to promote their business




Franchise organizations can explore more opportunities when it comes to marketing due to the combined efforts and budgets of the franchisees. Social media is a very hot marketing arena.

Below is an illustration of an outstanding use of social media by a franchise organization, Menchie’s  Frozen Yogurt.

About Menchie’s
Menchie’s was established in 2007 by the husband and wife team of Danna and Adam Caldwell, and their franchise now boasts more than 350 stores worldwide. They were given the number one rank in Restaurant Business Magazine’s “Future 50″ list last year and have seen a 748 percent growth. This is likey due to a combination of a stellar product, the dedication to the Menchie’s mission statement of “we make you smile” and their proactive system of outreach to bring in and maintain loyal customers.

Along with doing things like appearing on CBS’s highly successful show Undercover Boss, they also have a robust online marketing campaign with a large social media footprint. Thanks to being active on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, Menchie’s has been able to bring the outstanding experiences people receive in stores to the Internet.

Social Media Presence
There are a variety of advantages to using social media, for businesses both small and large. Social media has a very low cost, especially when compared with doing standard advertising, such as print, radio or TV. This type of marketing can also have a much larger outreach, and it […]

Springtime is a Great Time to Be a Business Owner

Florists woman working with flowers at a greenhouse.

Spring is a time of awakening and renewal in nature and in the world of human activity as well. Some franchises enjoy a surge in business when spring rolls around, especially if the winter has been unusually cold and harsh. For consumers throughout the country, the warmer weather and longer days bring increased energy and a desire to get out and get going. This may mean taking the kids on a spring break vacation, spending more time on the deck, playing in the yard, or maybe starting a new fitness routine to shed those winter pounds. If you’re someone who loves spring and comes alive at this time of year, you might consider choosing a franchise that gets busy right along with you. You’ll have the energy and drive to meet the demand, and you’ll set yourself up to experience the success you’re looking for. Here are a few spring-friendly franchises to consider.

1. Window Genie Window Cleaning and Exterior Home Care

Not only will your customers enjoy the spring sunshine pouring in through sparkling, clean windows, they’ll appreciate the other services a Window Genie franchise offers. With a diversified menu that also includes window tinting, gutter cleaning, complete deck care, and power washing for your house and other exterior surfaces, you can offer customers a one-stop spring maintenance experience for their residential exteriors. Window Genie also offers concrete cleaning and treatment as well as […]

The Perfect Franchise for Your Caring Heart


On Valentine’s Day, we celebrate the infinitely powerful and sometimes elusive force that builds bridges, sinks ships, heals the heartbroken and makes life worth living. It’s called love, and the world can never have too much of it. For some people, love is a year-round focus, and caring for others in word and deed is a natural instinct. They awaken every day with a drive to improve lives, and make the world a better place. If you’re one of these people, running a franchise that allows you to express your benevolent nature can be especially rewarding. In fact, love is an essential ingredient in the success of certain types of businesses. Here are a few examples of franchises that are perfect for people who thrive on being able to show how much they care.

1. Visiting Angels Home Care for Seniors

With today’s medical advances, people are living longer than ever before, but many seniors need help with daily activities. When it’s no longer safe or healthy for them to care for themselves, they must face the threat of losing their independence and their homes. With compassionate home care, this tragedy isn’t necessary. Visiting Angels provides private, affordable non-medical care and assistance to enhance the lives of elderly individuals, and keep them in their homes as long as possible. Entrepreneur Magazine ranks Visiting Angels as one of the most rapidly growing franchises in America. Children of aging parents across the nation are […]

Businesses that Accelerate in the Beginning of the Year

Portrait of blondy young woman with ski in winter time

When the weather turns cold, many companies heat up. Yes, the winter months — January and February in particular — are especially lucrative for certain kinds of franchises. Below are several examples of industries for which low temperatures mean high profits.

Tax Prep

Sure, there are procrastinators who don’t start thinking about their taxes until April. But tax preparation firms begin attracting hordes of customers as soon as the new year rolls around. In fact, many such businesses must hire seasonal employees in order to handle the crush of work.

Liberty Tax Service, however, is a franchise that’s accustomed to welcoming new clients all the time and not only in the winter. This company, which has customers who live throughout the U.S. and Canada, is currently expanding at a faster rate than any other international tax prep service.

Health, Fitness, and Weight Loss

Bathing suit season might seem like a long time away during the frigid days of January. Regardless, people flock to gyms, fitness centers, personal trainers, and weight loss centers at this time of the year. For one thing, “lose weight” is perennially the most popular New Year’s resolution. In addition, many folks discover that they’ve put on quite a few pounds since Thanksgiving; after all, candy canes and plenty of other sweets are ubiquitous throughout the holidays. Plus, inclement weather forces many people to stay inside much of the time, which means that […]

Now that you’re the owner…


10 things you can do in 2014, now that you’re the owner:

1) Locate the business closer to your home;

 2) Work from your home;

 3) Get to the office late;

 4) Give yourself a raise;

 5) Invite the whole staff to a holiday luncheon;

 6) Create your own version of the manufacturing process;

 7) Fire that grumpy client that clearly doesn’t understand your value;

 8) Attend that educational conference that you’ve been wanting to attend;

 9) Donate company services to your favorite charity;

 10) ???

You’re going to have to fill out #10 and beyond with your own ideas. What will you do differently now that you’re the owner? Send us your ideas!